Batman Pop Sockets for Mobile phone, cars and Walls

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Batman Pop Sockets

Popsockets are quite common nowadays. We can notice them sticked to the mobile phones and cars of youngsters. Pop sockets have a wide range of designs and colours. Marvel Superheroes pop sockets are common nowadays. Children love Captain America Pop sockets a lot. Today, we bring to you the Batman Pop Socket. This Batman Pop socket can be used on your mobile phone, walls,  and cars.


Features of Batman Pop Sockets

1. Batman Design

Children love Batman a lot. The Batman series was appreciated by all the Superhero lovers. Children love to flaunt batman accessories and Batman Pop Socket is the best thing for them. The design on the top of this pop socket looks Awesome. This Batman Pop socket is very high in demand. We have already sold 990 pieces on Amazon marketplace.

2. Reusable Adhesive

The adhesive that is used in the manufacturing of this pop socket is of high quality. You can stick it to your mobile phone, tablets, laptops, on your cars or to your walls. Just remove the cover and stick it. The best thing is that the adhesive is reusable and you can use it around 3-4 times.

3. Use as Key Chains

These Batman Pop Sockets can also be used as keychains. They will look super cool if you use them as keychains for your bikes or cars.

Due to high demand, we have limited stock. If you wish to buy these Batman Pop holders then place your order soon before the stock ends! Happy Shopping 🙂


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